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An introduction to The fEuzion TAPES System®

The fEuzion® Tapes system was designed by Dr Michael Bruce, after running for England and retiring from athletic. Dr Bruce always felt he could have achieved more and set out to help those sports men and women looking for the edge, his first major success was coaching the 1996 Olympic Gold medallist and sprints semi-finalist, more success quickly followed in the Commonwealth, European and World Championships. 

Dr Bruce worked with the best in Karate, Motor Racing, Women Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf and now specialises in football, in 2007 ASE Sports Group was formed an elite performance centre that fused, football, athletics and psychology. The fEuzion Tapes System® was born. Within a month of starting the academy produced four players to academies:
Eli Ibrahim-Tottenham Hotspur FC
Jordan Buck- Chelsea FC
Morgan Bruce- Arsenal FC
Vashon Neufville- Arsenal FC

The fEuzion Tapes System®, our purpose, to create opportunities for excellence to excel. 


The FOOTBALL Program

ASE Performance Program

The ASE Performance Program normally runs for 12 Months (May to April)  the program is designed for players aged 7 yrs to 18 yrs facilitating academy trial opportunities. The program is structured to ensure that  all areas of a player’s development are strengthened, focusing on:
Technical- Touch, Intelligence & Game Understanding
Athletic- Strength, Agility & Speed
Psychological- Cognitive Processing

We run a full complement of development teams, from the ages of U7 to U18 the process mirrors that of a premier league football club with all trialist in the first instant completing specific test based on five key areas of measurable assessments:
Technical, Athletic, Psychological, Educational, Social

Once completed the player is assessed based on a traffic light system, (Red, Amber, Green, Blue) and processed accordingly. The academy’s elite squads are not part of a league but play either academies or showcase matches, the development squads however have an active league program. 

Players who opt for this program have access to 
  • 10 Hours a week of training (19 hours for players on the eduPRo® program)
  • A weekly midweek match (eduPRo® players only)
  • A weekend match 
  • Possible selection for matches against professional academies 
  • Possible selection for showcase matches
  • An opportunity to trial at a professional club (at digression of senior management only)
  • Access to a support network of trusted, experienced and registered advisers
  • Access to Sports Science, Analysis and Psychology workshops 
  • Individual Improvement Plans for both fitness and football
  • Individual Diet Plans 
  • 12 weekly review meetings with age group coach and lead coach
  • Full training kit 

ASE/ST MARYS Educational Program (eduPro®)

We have recently set up an eduPro® program; a sports educational program, working alongside St Mary's CE High School in Cheshunt. This is a 16 yrs- 19 yrs program for players that may have just missed the regular academy system but still want to maintain a high level of football whilst studying A Levels or BTEC that the school have to offer. The 16+ players train with professional academy coaches and participate in local and national league competitions. The academy students train regularly throughout each week combining individual and team activities, with all home matches played on a 4G astro turf. Constantly striving for excellence our 2016 / 17 squad were crowned champions in their first year. 

Players who opt for this program have access to 
  • 9 Hours a week of training (19 Hours if the player selects the Performance Program)
  • A midweek match 
  • Access to all matches filmed by our Sports Analysis 
  • Full training kit inclusive of 1 jumper, 2 t shirts, shorts socks, technical pants, winter coat, polo, hoodie and a bag all with a squad number. 
  • Access to any A Level or BTEC offered by the school 
  • Pathways to University, Apprenticeships, College or a job in any industry 


To book a trial with us please email and insert the program you are interested into the subject e.g. Performance

The ATHLETIC Program

ASE Speed & Performance Centre was set up to provide world class speed & fitness training as a finishing touch for academy players or Sunday league players wanting to improve their speed. Our success has been based on our unique fEuzion Tapes System® which focuses on developing the athletes technical, athletic & psychological abilities. The program was designed by Dr Michael Bruce ex International sprinter & coach to a 1996 Olympic Champion. Michael who has scouted for Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC has also coached a number of high profile footballers. He  currently works for Crystal Palace as a member of the successful U7 - U16 recruitment team.

"The game is currently going through a revolution that has changed football for ever, athletic speed has embraced football marrying the two creating a new standard of football where pace power and technical ability is only matched by psychological considerations, it has created the auto footballer®."

Below are the different fEuzion® programs available; 

The fEuzion Bespoke® program is a uniquely designed bespoke program for the professional footballer.  It is distinctive in its nature and is high impact ensuring the player maximizes on their potential and speed development.

fEuzion Academy®
The fEuzion Academy® focuses on academy players or players wanting to get a trial in a professional club. These are some of the key years in a players development especially as it leads to key decisions around scholarships. The focus is on strength, agility, speed and psychology, thus increasing the possibility of gaining a scholarship with cutting edge excellence.

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