The Academy of Sporting Excellence, also known as ASE is an elite sports performance academy based in North London, founded in 1992, by England International Athlete, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, & Cognitive Psychologist Dr Michael Bruce. ASE started working with track & field athletes where Dr Bruce developed several national, world and olympic champions. The academy's success is based on his development of the fEuzion T.A.P.E.S System ®, after years travelling and studying some of the world’s leading coaching techniques. 

In 1997 ASE moved into the world of football with immediate success, changing the trend of speed for footballers. The academy used a specific speed and performance schedule within the football program. This immediately facilitated over ten players being signed at pro academies including: Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham & Tottenham Hotspur.

The world of football is currently going through a change in the way the game is played, this sporting revolution means that a footballer can no longer rely on football ability alone. With the influx of foreign players, the benefits of athletic ability is now gaining prominence in our strive for success, meaning that an athlete must first of all be fit to train before the specifics of their relevant sports can be applied.

ASE has become one of the country’s most successful centres for elite sports performers working with some of the country’s best athletes and footballers.  A leading Premiership Academy Director once quoted that, "Between the ages of 12 yrs-16 yrs Spanish, French and Italian players receive, twice as much hours on the ball than their English counterparts, those four years are critical he quotes, the most important years both physically and technically, making it difficult to catch up at 17 yrs-18 yrs." 


        Dr Michael Bruce is a Cognitive Psychologist specialising in sports performance. He has been described as a change agent and performance doctor who has a passion for excellence, born out of his past as an England International Athlete and Olympic Gold Medal winning coach. Dr Bruce, who has worked with a number of top professional sports people ranging from golf, motor racing, karate, basketball, boxing and now football, sets out to deliver world class training to athletes of all abilities. His intention is to maximise your chance of reaching your true potential utilising his unique fEuzion TAPES System.

        Dr Bruce has written extensively on sports and mental performance, has titled the following books : Endless Possibilities the Psychology of Belief, One Minute Mind Set, Speed for Footballers, Specifics of Sport and Diary of an Olympic Champion. 

        Being one of the worlds top performance specialist' he  has been described as a change agent and performance motivator. With the development of the fEuzion Tapes System® this has afforded him the opportunity to facilitate excellence. Dr Michael Bruce, who has coached medalist at  World and Olympic level currently works with a number of premier league players in the development of speed. "For far too long football has ignored the obvious benefits of speed and athleticism and it is for that reason I have developed the fEuzion Tapes System®, This unique system focuses on the key areas of speed and cognitive processing."

        The fEuzion Tapes System® is unique in that it can be utilised not only for the one person wanting to lose weight and get fit, but also for the athlete that wish to attain world class performance levels, Dr Bruce' experience and knowledge also brings a unique passion, focus and hard work ethic that enables all athletes the opportunity to be the best they can be.  "It is my belief that the advent of the fEuzion TAPES system® will help facilitate positive change in the world of football, from mental processing to the execution of efficient movement, the game is no longer full time physically, but mentally."

        Lee Valley Athletics Centre is the base for ASE Performance Centre.  A state of the art facility that has been used by legends such as Usain Bolt, Mo Farrah and a number of other Olympic greats in athletics and many other sports.

        The ASE Foundation

        Formed in 2007, the ASE Foundation utilises education and football to support and inspire young people in the community, our focus is to target the inner cities where crime is at its peak, the involvement in events with a purpose through football is not only inspiring but motivational. Our foundation involves fund raising events for Downs Syndrome & Sickle Cell. 

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